4 CPG Trends That Will Redefine Packaging in 2020

Want more insightful content like this?  Be sure to visit PSG's Packaging Resources page.   A new decade is upon us, and we are both excited and intrigued to see where the consumer packaged goods industry is heading. Some new trends in the CPG industry are focusing on products that will utilize flexible packaging and [...]

Benefits of Sustainable Packaging 

Want more insightful content like this?  Be sure to visit PSG’s Packaging Resources page.   Millennials and Generation Z make up the majority of people in America, and they are arguably the most eco-conscious demographic compared to generations before. Recyclability and sustainability aren’t just buzzwords anymore — they are increasing demands of consumers when it […]

Top 3 Packaging Factors Influencing A Consumers Purchasing Decision

Want more insightful content like this?  Be sure to visit PSG’s Packaging Resources page. The famous movie line, “If you build it, [they] will come,” is just that — an overly quoted phrase in a fictional film, not a notion to be lived by. The days of simply delivering products for profit are long gone, […]

Marijuana Packaging in Illinois: How legalization will affect brand owners

Published by John B. Reinhardt: Illinois is going to be the first state to use legislation as a means to legalize recreational marijuana. (as opposed to popular vote) Upon Governor JB Pritzker’s signature, marijuana will be legal in Illinois on January 1st, 2020, giving way to a whole new source of taxable income and employment/business […]

Child Resistant Packaging: Pouches with Poison Control

Published by John B. Reinhardt: Child resistant packaging is becoming more and more of a necessity for certain brand owners. Mostly driven by the rapid growth of recreational cannabis (i.e. snack formed edibles) and the advent of detergent pods that look like candy. (see this article on the dangers of accidental pod ingestion). Regardless of the […]

An awesome resealable packaging sample: How PSG made it in 3 weeks!

Published by John B. Reinhardt: Resealable packaging in motion! Pulling off the production of this resealable packaging sample required a major team effort. Our partner, Mactac, was looking for a  showstopper of a piece to demonstrate the power of their “ReLatch” resealable label material/adhesive. They described a tray, much like what you’d see deli meat or cookies […]

PB&J without the bread: An on the go snack packaging innovation.

Published by John B. Reinhardt: Ever wonder how you could eat a PB&J without bread…while riding a bicycle? With Split Nutritions proprietary “fold, knead, rip, and enjoy” packaging design, you can do just that! On the go snack packaging is one of the fastest growing segments, and it’s getting harder and harder to get the […]

HD Flexible Packaging Printing: A Side By Side Comparison

Posted by: John B. Reinhardt Flexo Printing with Gravure Quality. HD flexo plate technology really works! Take a look at these side-by-side comparisons of standard flexo plates vs. HD flexo plates. The results of HD flexo printing are: better ink coverage consistent and repeatable color from run-to-run extended color gamuts – hitting more PMS colors […]

Spot Coatings on Cold Seal Wrappers

Posted by: John B. Reinhardt Spot Coatings on Cold Seal Wrappers An eye-catching package design has a heavy influence on a consumers buying decision. The more you can differentiate your product from your competitors, the better chances you can make a sale. Graphic embellishments such as foil knock-outs, custom shapes, and spot coatings can be effective […]

Digital / Flexo Hybrid Labels. The best of both worlds.

Posted by: John B. Reinhardt (Note: This is the first part in a two part series on digital / flexo hybrid label printing) Digital printing technology in the label industry is growing everyday. With the ability to print short, responsive runs while offering low sell prices, gives both printers and buyers an advantage…but what are […]