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October 21, 2021 Comments(0)

Snack And Candy Industry Trends: Keep Your Brand Relevant

Do you own a snack or candy business? Then you’re in for a sweet surprise. The candy industry has grown 3.1% per year from 2016 to 2021. Forecasts for 2022 and beyond for the snack industry appear favorable, too.

For candy businesses, keeping a thumb on the pulse of confectionery industry trends is a must for keeping your brand relevant and competitive. This article will cover the top trends for the candy industry in the last year and our predictions for future snack trends.

Confectionery Market Changes

Over the last five years, confectionery sales have increased annually, with no signs of slowing. But competition has increased, and today’s consumer purchasing habits are more health-conscious than ever. This all translates to a tougher market for confectionery brands, but with increased opportunities in sugar-free and vegan niche confections.

According to recent surveys, high-sugar and high-calorie snack products and candies are turning some market segments away. On the other hand, product innovations for health-conscious confections are seeing healthy (pun intended) returns.

Current market conditions in the confectionery industry

A significant reason why the confectionery market is growing has more to do with the current environment and the coronavirus pandemic and less to do with sweet new products in the snacking industry.

Recent market research on consumer eating habits has found that many American consumers turned to comfort foods like candy during this time.

  • Cookie sales in March 2020 were up 50%
  • Sales for chocolate candy went up 21.1%
  • Non-chocolate candy sales increased 14.4%

Snack industry trends for candies: Punchline

The bottom line is, consumer purchasing habits are trending toward indulgent treats that are healthier but still uplifting in uncertain times. So if you’re launching your first candy product, or expanding an existing candy line, investing in better-for-you candies and healthier snack categories is a safe bet.slo-poke_custom-printed-candy-wrappersSharpening your competitive edge in the candy market

The most competitive brands are capitalizing on these consumer trends in the candy industry:

Healthier candy products, like sugar-free candies, fruit and nut snacks, and locally sourced sweets are some of the most competitive new products out there.

You may have noticed many health food brands breaking out into the growing confectionery market with new products. Health food companies are carving out a niche with snack products free of artificial sweeteners and offering minimally processed ingredients and whole foods.

Providing today’s consumers with dark chocolate and non-chocolate candies with healthier ingredients means they can indulge their sweet tooth guilt-free.

Another trend in the candy and snack industry is sustainability. Offering eco-friendly snack and candy packaging, business practices, and fair-trade around chocolate candy products will positively impact your bottom line.

While it’s true that people want to buy candies that taste great, they also want to support brands that engage in business practices that support their values. Offering small and large snack pack sizes of healthier candies in eco-friendly flexible packaging is a must for sharpening your competitive edge.

granola pouches granola stand up pouch

A stand up pouch is an ideal vehicle for your candy or snack product.

Flexible packaging candy industry trend: A must-have for 2022

For the candy industry, demands for flexible packaging is growing. Flexible snack packs enable companies to brand effectively, while keeping a lower carbon footprint. (when compared to rigid packaging, such as jars and tubs.)

Snacks and candy businesses can order custom-made flex packs in various sizes and snack packs that stand up, reseal, and are also made of sustainable materials.

Trending flexible packaging options in the candy industries include the following:

  • Standup pouches — Standup pouches are an excellent snack packaging option for small and large-size candy servings. Multi-use sharable candy bags and pouches with high-tech resealing capabilities are also growing. Standup pouches are excellent choices for pouring, scooping, and eating straight from the bag.


  • Roll stock — This is a popular option for small and large chocolate and non-chocolate candy bars. With roll stock, brands can take advantage of automation, which drive down unit costs. An added bonus is roll stock is more cost-efficient and faster to procure. (ask about cold seal roll stock for high-melt products.)


  • Lay-flat pouches — Loose candy is best served in a lay-flat pouch. Lay-flat pouches are lightweight and can also be printed with a transparent window for showcasing mouth-watering treats inside.


custom printed labelsflexible packaging company_stand up pouchWhat makes candy packaging stand out? Custom Printing.

Eye-catching designs on packaging help promote a brand and drive awareness. Stunning and appealing designs give the perception of higher value and, therefore, can demand higher prices.

Custom printing is one of the most effective techniques for creating high-impact, branded designs. 360-degree flexo printing with vibrant colors enables you to include marketing and nutritional info or even a memorable brand story on the packaging.

Pressure sensitive labels and stickers are also a cost effective solution. Brand owners can order these packaging options with low minimum orders, multi-SKU runs, and quick turnaround times.

Our custom candy packaging is printed and sized for your specific product, no matter the size. In addition, we offer cold-seal technology to keep high-melt candies intact despite temperature swings during transportation and while on the shelf for large runs.

What about supply chain shortages?

Unfortunately, supply chain issues are constraining industries of all kinds, from foodservice to manufacturing, construction, and the snack industry. The winter holidays, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day 2022 are major holiday shopping events for the candy industry. Brands should capitalize on these events despite the rolling material shortages.

Preparation is key. Ordering eye-catching flexible packaging early is critical for getting a jumpstart on the upcoming candy-heavy holiday season.




Order your custom candy packaging now.

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