5 Ways CERM Is a Customer Win! 1
September 15, 2020 Comments(0)

5 Ways CERM Is a Customer Win!

An ERP integration like no other.

At PSG, we believe that listening closely to what our customers need is the best way to strengthen business partnerships and make our company more competitive. Embracing new technology is one technique we use to better serve our customers. So, we’re pleased to announce the implementation of CERM to give you an even greater experience when you partner with PSG. 

What is CERM?

CERM is business management software specifically built for flexible packaging and pressure sensitive label printers. The company is headquartered in Belgium and has been in operation since 1983. CERM offers end-to-end solutions for printers that encompass the entire value chain. 

The company has been serving European printers for decades. Currently, CERM operates on three continents and senior consultants service the different locations. But we’re happy to announce that PSG is the first flexible packaging printer in North America to go live with CERM. 

erp integration_cerm

When did PSG go live with CERM?

Our ERP integration with CERM went live on August 1,  2020. But the decision to implement the new technology happened months ago. Implementing CERM and therefore, a new ERP system, has meant a complete overhaul and upgrade of our computers, servers, and network. 

Technically, the integration isn’t fully complete yet. We’re still learning everyday on how we can further streamline these new processes for greater efficiency. While this hasn’t been an easy process, and there may be some more growing pains, we know the investment will be worth it for us and our partners. 

Now that CERM is here, our partners will get to enjoy a more efficient and intuitive ordering process. All new quotes, production orders, material inventory, and invoices are captured within the CERM system. 

Why did we choose to implement CERM?

During times of uncertainty, businesses must adapt to survive and grow. We believe that the success of our brand comes down to serving our customers, listening to them, and meeting their needs. Offering our partners a better way to access our system and place orders will help them weather the uncertainty too, and grow their businesses. 

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What’s in it for our customers?

Becoming more productive, efficient, and reducing waste are all valuable ways to strengthen your business. Customers need greater consistency when ordering. 

Now that PSG has partnered with CERM for our ERP integration, our clients get access to several key benefits that offer the consistency they need — benefits you won’t easily find with other flexible packaging printers. 

Through CERM, we have access to Smart BI, powered by Microsoft BI. Smart BI gives us a better insight into our business and our customers’ businesses, too. With Smart BI, we can keep our thumb on the pulse of industry trends, quality tools, and other data-driven insights to help us and our partners make better business decisions. 

1: Increased Transparency

You’ll have access to more granular information that can improve your productivity by eliminating redundant tasks.  PSG partners will also have faster access to information on sales order status, and accurate production updates from CSRs. 

CERM has also eliminated the risks of double entry, so our clients get to enjoy an overall increase in consistency throughout the ordering (re-ordering), production, and shipping processes. 

2: Inventory Management 

Thanks to CERM, PSG partners will have access to a machine counter system. With this system, you’ll get an accurate count of raw materials inventory, which can help improve efficiency and reduce waste. 

3: Optimized Scheduling 

Through CERM, you’ll have access to machine schedules, reducing changeover times and potential waste and inefficiencies. 

4: Faster Turnaround 

PSG partners now enjoy a faster throughput of sales orders, which is especially beneficial for repeat jobs. Automation and integration with Automation Engine from Esko makes the proofing process more efficient as well. 

5: Convenient Label Portal

Coming soon in 2021, the new Web4 Labels Portal will enable our customers to order, proof, and purchase pressure-sensitive labels all online. 

5 Ways CERM Is a Customer Win! 2

CERM and PSG: An Overall Quality Improvement 

At PSG, we believe the implementation of CERM is aligned with one of our chief guiding principles — innovation and continuous improvement. Implementing CERM is also aligned with our mission to provide a high level of customer satisfaction through innovation and high-quality, cost-effective flexible packaging solutions.

Speak to a PSG representative today and learn how our new ERP integration has created a more efficient process that can help your business grow and succeed.