econobars mast head_short run bar wrappers

Custom Sized Wrappers

10,000 pcs minimum (2500 per SKU minimum)


Need a short run bar wrapper solution? Try EconoBars! 

With the EconoBars wrapper program, you can get quick, small batch runs to help get your bar product into the marketplace!

  • short runs welcome – as few as 10,000 total (2500 per SKU min)
  • costs start at $0.35/ea at 10,000*
  • no plate charges – run multiple skus to see what works!
  • wrappers come fully formed with one end open – easy for hand filling
  • PSG is there when you’re ready to scale up – get down to pennies per wrapper!

PSG has the experience printing wrappers for companies on the rise. (and large CPG companies) We’re constantly seeing our customers grow from small runs to large runs…all the while being a partner for all their packaging needs.

*based off 6 x 6 flat impression size. larger bars subject to higher costs.