Granola pouches are a great flexible packaging solution for resealable, multi-use snacking. From cereals to toppings, granola is a versatile food that’s great for camping or the cupboard. Either way, you’ll need to keep it fresh. A high barrier stand up pouch, custom printed with your brand, will offer a convenient packaging solution.

granola pouches granola stand up pouch


Granola pouches and granola bar wrappers are a PSG specialty. Explore below to see more of our stand up pouch and bar wrappers options. These flexible packaging options are perfect for your granola, cereal, or healthy snack product.

If you’re interested in our granola bar wrappers click here. Check out this video on the cold seal process.


If you need a sustainable flexible packaging solution for your granola pouch or granola packaging, PSG has you covered. Our recyclable stand up pouches participate in the how2 recycle program.

If you want that that kraft look, check out our post on kraft simulation on recyclable and compostable materials.


Granola Pouches / Granola Packaging

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