PSG now offers recyclable, high-barrier stand up pouches for a variety of uses and products. All  recyclable films are compliant with the how2recycle program, as well as Prop 65. Visit our FlexLeaf brand to learn more about our resealable pouches and other sustainable flexible packaging options.

Note: Minimums can range from 15,000 – 25,000 per SKU on recyclable pouches. Please fill out this RFQ form to request a formal estimate.


Owners are spending more than ever on their pets…and for good cause! If you have a pet treat or pet toy product that’s in need of a custom flexible packaging solution, contact PSG. Everything from resealable printed dog treat pouches to cat toy packaging, PSG has the flexible packaging solution for your pet product.

Read more about how stand-up pouches are the ultimate flexible packaging solution.


Interested in learning more about the food packaging process and the benefits of automated pouch packaging? Check out the video of an automated pouching line in action. If you feel automation is in your future, PSG can recommend some great machine suppliers based stateside.

We can also offer custom printed roll stock and custom labels / pressure sensitive labels to accommodate your pouch order.


Our jerky stand up barrier pouches offer great moisture and oxygen resistance, and will help increase shelf life. All while printing in high quality HD flexo. We can also offer forming and non-forming webs for your horizontal filling machines. Learn more about how our meat & cheese packaging, as well as our jerky pouches, through the link below.


Granola is a healthy topping or snack that’s perfect for on-the go. Keep shelf life in mind with a high barrier, re-sealable stand-up pouch. Do you need granola bar wrappers as well? PSG offers both conventional and bio-based bar wrappers for automated filling. Special spot matte and gloss coatings available.

Learn more about how to get the most out of stand up pouches and bar wrappers for your granola product. 

granola pouches granola stand up pouch


Here’s a metallized stand up pouch sample for a a crispy bakery product. A prefect resealable solution for snacking! Need a custom hang hole? No problem. Looking for that kraft paper look on your pouch?  Check out this post on how we can simulate kraft stand up pouches on film. Perfect for candy!

almondia_bakery packaging_stand-up-pouch


Detergents ,and other various sorts of chemical products, are being commonly being packed in high-barrier, printed bags and stand up pouches such as this. A larger bottom gusset is used to handle extra weight.



Cosmetic products such as bath salts, aromatic soaps, and various daily cleansers are often found in a printed bag or stand up pouch. Ask about flat pouches and 3 side seal sachets for individual lotion and make-up.



A printed mylar bag is a great food packaging vehicle. Our pouches can help keep your product fresh while offering top level food safety and CR compliance. Ask for a sample today!

Stand Up Pouches 1


What's the minimum order on pouches?

There are lot’s of driving factors, but it’s usually in the 10,000 – 15,000 per SKU/flavor range. We’ve gone down to 2,500 – 5,000 per SKU/flavor, but that is determined after reviewing your future projections on sales.

How do I measure a stand up pouch?

The measurements of a stand up pouch go in this order:  width x height x gusset (or depth). If you see an existing product size in the market place, be sure to measure it and let your sales rep know. When you place the order, we will make an approval blank for you to test. Ensuring that the size is suitable for your product.

What are stand up pouches made of?

It all depends on what’s being packaged. Usually the print layer is a PET film that is then laminated to another film for barrier. Usually the barrier film is a metalized version of PET (MET PET), PVDC, or EVOH. A third layer of film is laminated as well, usually called the sealant layer. This combines all the layers together and gives the stand pouch rigidity and thickness.

Some of our recyclable films , as well as our cosmetic web films, are pre-laminated structures that are surface printed and coated with a gloss or matte varnish.

How to seal a stand up pouch.

The top part of the pouch (above the zipper and the tear notch) is called the header. Header size can range in height and sometimes has a hang hole punched through it…but it is still heat sealable. That header area is where you will heat seal the bag after filling.

There are automated filling machines that do this for larger qty’s, but if you’re doing it manually, you’d be well served to get a band sealer. There are smaller heat sealers called impulse sealers, but the seal bar size is usually a little too small. You’ll want to seal as much of the head as you can, without interfering with the zipper and tear notch.

How many types of pouches are there?

Dozens upon dozens. But usually there is a small group of material structures that can cover 95% of products in the market place. Usually it’s dependent on the customers required thickness, barrier requirements, and filling machine specs. It can vary from printer to printer, but don’t worry…a sales rep can guide you to the best fit for your product.

Are stand up pouches recyclable?

They can be. Be sure to request a recyclable material, and a rep can quote a film that participates in the how2recycle program. The minimums are usually higher and the cost is a little more, but you’ll have a more sustainable solution.