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July 12, 2021 Comments(0)

Food Safe Packaging Before Sustainability: 5 Things Your Brand Needs To Know


Many companies have made environmental commitments to change their packaging into more sustainable options within the next few years. But that doesn’t mean that food safety has to take a hit. 

Food safe packaging and sustainable packaging can meet in the middle to reach business objectives, government initiatives, and consumer demands. Even though sustainable flexible packaging will become a vital tool in the fight against spoilage in transit and negative environmental impacts, there are some other items to take care of first. 

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5 Things To Know: A Sustainable Packaging Checklist

With demands for more single-use packaging and environmental sustainability on the rise, resin is becoming a hot commodity. The packaging industry is looking into using more first-generation, recycled post-consumer resin to manufacture polymer packaging films.

Despite the similarities to “conventional” films, sustainable films have different properties. (note: always ask for a data sheet to compare with your current film.)

Consult this handy checklist to qualify your brand before making the switch to sustainable flexible packaging. 

  • Safety first — Food safe packaging is the bedrock of any food product. Does your packaging meet food safety qualifications? PSG got a perfect score on the 2021 SQF audit, the highest quality in food safety. 
  • Automation — Can your current range of manufacturing equipment handle sustainable materials?
  • Brand Integrity — Do you have a chance to amplify your sustainable brand story, and would your audience resonate with that?
  • Cost — Who (and how) will you absorb material price increases?
  • Availability — Sustainable films haven’t been commoditized yet. Do you have more than one supplier?

There are many smaller details you’ll need in place  before you switch, but it may be imperative for your business’s competitive advantage.  

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Other Trends In Food Safe Packaging and Sustainable Packaging

Along with your internal checklist, keep consumer trends like this in mind.

  • An aging population means higher demand for healthcare and easy-open packaging
  • An increase in urban and single living will continue to drive demand for convenience packaging, and smaller packaging sizes
  • Home composting is growing in popularity. Packaging compliance for both home and industrial composting will be a plus for brands.
  • Busier lifestyles and urban living also mean an increase in on-the-go packaging design

As these trends continue, along with demands for sustainable packaging, companies will need to deliver in order to remain competitive. So, is your brand ready to switch from food-safe packaging to sustainable food-safe packaging? 

Do You Need Quality? Then Get In Touch With Us. 

Consumers want safe, convenient food and products. But they also want the products they buy to come in sustainable packaging. The planet and health of future generations require more sustainable, earth-friendly products and business practices. 

So, if you’ve got an established company and some traction in the market and can give detailed answers to the checklist above, then it’s safe to say you qualify for the switch. 

Reach out to us today. We’ll walk you through how to switch to sustainable packaging without sacrificing food safety and quality. 

If you’re looking for more innovative packaging options or stand up pouches for your product, reach out to a PSG rep today. In the meantime, check out this cool story on how one company is innovating the way we use hand sanitizer.