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May 14, 2018 Comments(0)

HD Flexible Packaging Printing: A Side By Side Comparison

Posted by: John B. Reinhardt

Flexo Printing with Gravure Quality.

HD flexo plate technology really works! Take a look at these side-by-side comparisons of standard flexo plates vs. HD flexo plates.

The results of HD flexo printing are:

  • better ink coverage
  • consistent and repeatable color from run-to-run
  • extended color gamuts – hitting more PMS colors more accurately
  • enhanced product images

All of this ends up giving the customer a better product, which in turn gives the customer a better shelf presence.

We’ll discuss the process of imaging the plates, deploying them on the flexo press, and how it can fit into you sustainability policy. Stay tuned for more!

-PSG 2018