Simulate The "Kraft Packaging" Look On Your Wrapper Or Pouch 1
October 16, 2020 Comments(0)

Simulate The “Kraft Packaging” Look On Your Wrapper Or Pouch

As a leader in custom printed bar wrappers and stand up pouches, PSG gets a lot of requests for specific branding requirements. One of which being kraft packaging.  At the time of writing this (10/20) PSG doesn’t offer kraft paper pouches or wrappers. It’s on our list of products to develop, but given our surge of new business and the current integration of our new ERP system, it’s on the back-burner…for now.

We do, however, offer an alternative solution that is both economical and sustainable.

How PSG Offers an Alternative to Kraft Packaging.

Simply put, we can simulate the kraft look by printing it. With our HD plates, we can re-create the kraft paper pattern with great precision. Customers can control how light or dark they want it to look. You can even add variations in the fibers, or “imperfections”, to get a truly authentic re-creation. Bottom line: You have control on exactly how you want it to look!

You can ask your sales rep to offer a hi-res asset of the kraft paper to use in your art file. PSG has a couple of vector graphics to choose from that can work well with achieving the desired look. Again, your art team can adjust accordingly in Illustrator or  Photoshop.

The Sustainable Benefits Of Our Kraft Flexible Packaging

Consumers and brand owners equate kraft packaging with sustainability.  PSG can print that simulated look on a bio-based compostable film and/or a recyclable stand up pouch. We  can add a soft touch varnish as well, to give it that tactile feel.

Samples Of The Printed Kraft


  • A sample of printed kraft on a recyclable stand up pouch. 
  • A close up look of the details that can be achieved using our HD flexo technology.
  • Compostable/bio-based bar wrappers. The simulation can be used on this material.
kraft packaging_simulated_printed kraft film_protein bar wrapper
flexleaf_compostable protein bar wrapper

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