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October 19, 2020 Comments(0)

Petralyte: A Unique Pet Product In A Stick Pack

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands aren’t letting Covid-19 stand in their way of success. Petcare company Petralyte is no exception. Instead of being fearful, the company has been creative and tenacious with getting their health powder stick pack into caring pet owners’ hands despite the uncertain business climate. 

Who is Petralyte?

Based in Los Angeles, Petralyte is an animal nutraceuticals company founded by Alex Osborne and Akash Appachi. Petralyte’s mission is to help dogs, and other animals, stay healthy and hydrated with veterinary-formulated supplements. 

After almost losing his beloved dog to dehydration, co- founder Alex Osborne didn’t want anyone else to experience the same heartbreak. He teamed up with Akash Appachi and consulted with a team of veterinarians on how to create an electrolyte formula tailored to dogs. The result? Petralyte. 

Co-founder Akash Appachi had this to say about starting a company in uncertain times: 

“It was pretty challenging. A lot of lead times were delayed. Generally speaking, there is a lot of uncertainty around consumer spending. We rationalized that our product was important, and our mission was to help animals in need, so it was worth it to continue investing in the business.”

What exactly is the product?

Petralyte is a unique electrolyte delivery system for canines that helps increase water absorption speed and efficiency. Many canines are active but don’t always drink enough water when active or get enough electrolytes during bouts of illness. Dogs can risk becoming dehydrated, resulting in a range of severe health problems.

Petralyte reduces the risk of dehydration with a flavorful health powder packet that goes directly into the dog’s water dish. 

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Packaging challenges.

After finalizing the Petralyte formula, getting it into consumers’ hands was yet another challenge the company faced. Health powders are a unique product that calls for equally unique packaging design. Function is as important as formFinding a packaging and labeling company that would work closely with Petralyte to design the perfect, branded package that was also user-friendly was vital. 

Although PSG is a packaging and custom label printing company, the team is dedicated to offering tailored guidance and advice for clients like Petralyte. Many brands, especially in the early stages of development, face numerous logistical challenges. 

For Petralyte, sourcing vendors, from packaging to filling the product itself, became more challenging than initially thought. Here’s what Alex Osborne had to say about the company’s packaging and logistics issues:

“Not for a second did I think we would have to go to different businesses for contract manufacturing, stick packaging, and box packaging. Managing the various workflows was a logistical challenge but definitely doable.”

The final packaging design was a convenient stick pack, with PSG supplying the printed film. 

Why stick pack packaging?

Since Petralyate is a powder nutraceutical, carrying it around a clunky tin, jar, or plastic bottle would be inconvenient, especially when on-the-go. Having to measure the right amount of the Petralyte formula into the dog’s water for each use wouldn’t be customer-friendly either. 

The solution needed to be something that held the right amount of Petralyte in a single-serving size that was easy to carry. Stick pack packaging was perfect. The company could deliver single-servings in a convenient pouch that could be pocketed. 


Is Petralyte just for dogs?

Although Petralyte was initially formulated for dogs, the formula is safe and healthy for other animals, too. Cats, pigs, birds, and horses can also use Petralyte. With every Petralyte purchase, the company donates a serving of Petralyte to an animal in need. 

What are Petralyte’s plans for the future?

Petralyte plans on focusing 95 percent of their sales efforts through eCommerce channels and the remaining 5 percent on traditional brick-and-mortar. Because of the current environment, Petralyte believes that direct-to-consumer is the best way to make sales. Customers can also enjoy free shipping on all purchases. 

“Feedback has been extremely warm. Customers can’t wait to try our product, and there is a lot of hype around it, especially in warmer climates.” , Akash says.

Try Petralyte!

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Dog Photo by Treddy Chen on Unsplash