pouches with cr zippers
November 1, 2018 Comments(0)

Packaging with Poison Control: Pouches with CR Zippers

Published by John B. Reinhardt:

Pouches with CR zippers (or child resistant zippers), are a common regulatory feature for cannabis product packaging. Rightly so, given the fact there are more “tempting” candy and snack edibles in the market, that a child could ingest. Beyond that, a CR zipper is an excellent safeguard for detergent pods, soaps, cleaners, and other harmful poisons that could potentially harm a child.

pull the pouch in the right spots

What makes it compliant?
As flexible packaging converters, we can adjust stand-up pouch sizes, fitments, and closures as a client requests it. When it comes to CR zippers, however, it’s not that easy. The zipper must be submitted to a regulatory commission to ensure the zipper will indeed past the “child safety test”.

Children from varying age ranges are put into a room for a period of time with samples of the zippered pouches. If the children can’t open the pouches within that time, the zippers pass the test. Not to oversimplify the process, there are indeed more benchmarks the zipper must meet to be compliant, but the moral of the story is this:

If a converter is offering this zipper technology, make they have the proper documentation at hand to ensure your zippers are indeed compliant. The liability will be on you and your brand…make sure you’re dealing with a legit company.



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