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PSG Monitor: August 2018

Hope everyone is having a fun, and safe, summer. It’s going by fast!

In this post, we want to share updates on improving your computer skills, our IT / Cyber Safety plan, and the everyday commitment to personal safety. Plus some really great news from one of our team members!


  • Want to enhance your computer skills? New software training is available for our associates. Currently, we’re trialling new training modules for Excel, Power Point, Word etc…  If interested please let Kelly know.
  • IT hardware life spans are become shorter and shorter . We will need to replace one of our  main servers  by years end.  Not cheap either …est: $26,000.00
  • We just extended the life of our Prepress Esko server for two years by buying an additional warranty for $2500.00.
  • We are heightening  the level of security on several of our internal Email clients due to the aggressive work being done by hackers. It’s crucial to keep our data safe…especially in Accounting!
  • Our IT monitoring fees for support, upgrades and network troubleshooting (among other things) is over $4000.00/month
  • We can’t run our business without these tools, so staying on top of the necessary changes is critical to our success and our cyber safety.


We have seen some great growth this year from newer accounts along with existing accounts. Thanks to everyone for doing their part. Isagenix /Food Science /ATK /Pound Bakery /Swisher /USG And more….


  • Two forklift incidents have been reported and addressed. Let’s be careful out there.
  • We are trialling new knives out in production to improve efficiencies and operator safety.
  • Seeing too many employees not utilizing their safety glasses properly. This is an important company policy that needs to be followed. If you see someone not wearing the proper safety gear,  please be reminded “ Safety First”
  • Noise testing will be done in the coming weeks.
  • There will be some upgrading for our respiratory mask training, for the associates involved in handling harsh solvents, mainly at the recycling stations


Congratulations to Antonio Garcia and family :  Antonio recently relocated his son and daughter to the USA from the Dominican Republic.


Elian Antonio Garcia Duran 18 years old.

Ambar Eliana Garcia Duran 9 years old.

Good luck to all of you as you begin your new life together in The USA!

As usual , thanks to everyone helping make this a successful year here at PSG. We’ve built a great team and it shows!


It always seems impossible until it’s done. –  Nelson Mandela


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