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PSG Monitor: July 2018

Hope everyone is having a fun summer! To start this edition of the PSG Monitor, we’re going to share some customer compliments.  (from TheraSigma, a brand new customer who found us on the web, and an old customer Almondina/YZ Enterprises.)  

Hello PSG team,
I’m writing to congratulate you on a job well done on my recent order. I know it was a rush and in some ways a minor panic situation. You guys stepped up and it paid off.
I received the shipment about a week ago. It was packaged professionally and arrived in good shape. The rolls were clean and the correct diameter. The print quality was great, the plate seems minimal and the over/under was well below your allowed 30%.
We’ve run 2+ rolls through our line and they’re performing without any issues.
I look forward to doing more business with PSG in the future.
TheraSigma Purchase Order #11475
You guys are great and I am definitely am not looking to move our business elsewhere. You have taken care of us for many of years and that doesn’t go unnoticed.
Bryant Shinaver/Operations Manager
Almondina/YZ Enterprises,

Learn more about our client Almondina here:

When we offer this level of service we’ll be able to convert new business opportunities and retain existing ones. Job well done to everyone!

Material cost: Increases especially on Pet (Polyester) and Pressure Sensitive material, see link to learn more about price increases. link to PDF

Safety Corner: We’ve just completed Forklift Pedestrian Awareness Month, as well as our annual safety meetings. Be extra careful. Let’s stay aware and be safe in everything we do.

New Hires: They’re everywhere… it’s a sign business is picking up! We’re feeling very good about the future.  Please introduce yourself and welcome them to the family.

Cindy Duffy – Customer Service Representative (hired permanent after CTH)

Adriana Gomez – CSR Admin (hired permanent after CTH)

Tony Domino – Film Press Assistant (hired permanent after CTH)

Jeff Britton – CTH Film Press Assistant

Michael McMillion – CTH Film Press Assistant

Charles Perdue – CTH Utility Floater

Mike Neri – CTH Pre Press Computer Technician

*Note: CTH means contract to hire

Footage:  In terms of label footage, May 2018 was the best month we’ve had since Feb. 2017 (with footage reaching 4,277,000lf.)June 2018 finished with 3,188,000lf, which was 200lf better than the18 month average.

Footage for film in May and June were 400mlf-500mlf above the last 18 month average.

We are showing good velocity, increasing our “uptime” with a good product mix . All good signs as we move forward. Let’s keep it up!

New Business: The new website has been up for a year now, and has generated 10,500 new visitors! Starting to see these leads turn into customers more frequently as well.

The Leadership Thought of the Month:



Can’t wait to read your comments…thanks for all that you do!

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