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PSG Monitor: October 2018

Fall is here and we are into the eagerly anticipated 4th quarter.  Q4 is a quarter that can have a big influence on how the company wraps up the last twelve months…very important. In recent years, Q4 has been a bit disappointing, due to lower volume and additional year-end expenses. (which takes a toll on the overall level of success of any given year)

This year is no different, with less overall work/production days and yet more year-end expenses (see below). Fortunately, we have a strong  backlog going into November, which gives us a good chance to end the year with some momentum. As a team we should be able to push the work through and build up to a strong 2019!


In addition the fourth quarter challenges we have a lot going on:

-Label and Pack Expo are behind us and hopefully we raised the level of knowledge for many of our associates, as well potentially bring in new business. Those employees who walked the show(s) seemed to get a lot out of it!

– The Cannabis and Nutritional bar markets are still in our sights and the traction is growing.  Too early to tell on the Cannabis potential,  but the level of interest by potential clients is very high. No pun intended.

– Speaking of the Cannabis /CBD market, be sure to check out our new promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWh0pO7Mat8

– …with a new landing page as well: https://psglabels.com/cannabis-packaging-cbd-packaging/

– Our annual SQF Audit is coming and preparations are under way. This critical certification has opened doors for us and made a well-respected member of the converting industry . We will need everyone’s help!

– OMET upgrades start in the next few weeks.  We are replacing the “ heart ( drives) “ for the first time in 20 years. (significant year-end cost)

– Lets make sure we all stay safe while performing our duties…Safety is key!

Thank you for all that you do and lets finish our 2018 on a high note!

Quote of the month:

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” – HG Wells

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    regarding missing tools mentioned in email today...We have spoken up. many times. We are given an answer of "I cant do anything about it" or are just ignored. Sooner or later leadership needs to take responsibility rather than ignoring problems. We have done our parts. Now its your turn. This is the only way to respond without fear of retaliation. Which does happen.

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      Dan Doherty

      First off, Thank you for reading both my emails and Monitor posts . We need strong communication as a team to address any issue that helps support all of us and our successes individually and as an organization . In my opinion , not having the proper tools available is asking employees to work with one hand tied behind their backs. The cost for replacing the tools in question was authorized as soon as I saw how depleted they were on some, but not all, of the presses . I will be bringing this feedback to the Leadership team meeting tomorrow , it’s a very important topic for the reasons you mentioned . Retaliation has no place in a working environment and its unfortunate if it is taking place . At this point by whom is a unknown but maybe it will come to light. I will be suggesting , if it’s not already in place that tool inventory be added to the daily , weekly or monthly PM reports . We can also have a form to be filled out when a tool comes missing so we don’t have to replace close to half the tools in one department at one time . These steps along ongoing monitoring should help alleviate the problem to some extent. Hopefully we will get this addressed and will hear more from you and other associates. Thank you again Sincerely