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September 25, 2018 Comments(0)

An awesome resealable packaging sample: How PSG made it in 3 weeks!

Published by John B. Reinhardt:

Resealable packaging in motion!

resealable packaging and label demo

Pulling off the production of this resealable packaging sample required a major team effort. Our partner, Mactac, was looking for a  showstopper of a piece to demonstrate the power of their “ReLatch” resealable label material/adhesive. They described a tray, much like what you’d see deli meat or cookies in. The tray would have a perforated top film with a custom printed label adhered to it. The label would seal, peel, and reseal demonstrating how the adhesive worked for multi-use products. (Up to 100 reseals!) Great idea…the only issue…they needed it within 3 weeks, so they could showcase it at Labelexpo 2018.

The challenge presented was a creative one, the only problem was, no one knew exactly how to produce it…including us! That didn’t stop our VP of Operations/Principle Dan Doherty, Customer Service and Pre-Press Manager Michelle Talko, and our  Label Specialist / Account Executive Eddie Chapp.

Between the three of them, and a stable of strategic relationships, PSG was able to engineer, print, and manufacture the piece MacTac had envisioned. Literally a day before the show!

Read more about this case study from our friends at Mactac.

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