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Have a Healthy Snack Anywhere: Innovative Snack Packaging from Split Nutrition

Great things come in twos, like peanut butter and jelly or a great vendor and client relationship. Prairie State Group (PSG) has provided one-on-one guidance for Split Nutrition on its proprietary and innovative snack packaging, helping them grow their brand. 

Who is Split Nutrition? 

Split Nutrition is the first-ever PB&J in an on-the-go pack, combining delicious nostalgia with quality ingredients. Split produces a line of nut butter and fruit spread snacks, conveniently served in a unique single-serve packaging for a better for you, on-the-go snack. They believe in offering high-quality snacks, free of fillers and artificial ingredients. 

Split Nutrition’s co-founder, Dr. Phil Goglia, is an elite performance nutritionist who understands the importance of pairing simple carbs with healthy fats for energy. Co-founder Jeff Mahin is an accomplished chef, bicyclist, and restaurateur. 

Both founders understand the importance of feeding people, but doing it the right way. To them, the right way of feeding people is with real snacks full of natural, healthy, and simple ingredients. And, delivering it in a convenient and sleek package. 

A Growing Demand for Healthy Convenient Snacks 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people work, go to school, conduct business, and interact with others. And it’s brought attention to the fact that health and nutrition is more important than ever. The sweeping societal changes have had an impact on the way people eat, where they eat, and what types of food they’re reaching for in a pinch. 

More Americans than ever are combatting a sedentary lifestyle by safely enjoying activity outdoors. Over 15% of Americans plan to hike more than usual due to COVID-19

In January 2019, the snack foods industry was projected to grow 32.88 billion through 2025. But with the pandemic, snack food companies offering healthy products saw demand soar. At present, these companies are dealing with supply chain issues. Healthy snack companies like Split Nutrition see this growing demand in the consumer market for healthy snacks and are capitalizing on the trend.

With on-the-go snack packaging, Split Nutrition offers consumers an easy way to snack healthy while biking, hiking, or working out at home. Since the snacks are sold in single-serve packaging, Split Nutrition products help with portion control. 

Ali Areson, brand and creative director for Split Nutrition, has this to say about the product: 

“Split really is a great on-the-go snack. It can be enjoyed anywhere. People are working out and working from home more than ever. Split Nutrition products are great quarantine snacks for at home or outside, especially when it comes to portion control.” 

innovative snack food packaging

Split Nutrition White Labeling Services 

The company believes that two things, great on their own, can come together to make a winning combo. With its unique take on quality ingredients and Split packaging, the company has begun offering white label services for brands that provide similar product combos. 

Jeff Mahin, the co-founder of Split Nutrition, says: 

“PBJ is our core product because it’s delicious. But other things can come in twos, such as baby foods or shampoo and conditioner. Our white labeling services can help grow those types of products. We’re always happy to have conversations with emerging brands about our white labeling services.” 

Split Nutrition has proprietary brand guidelines clients must meet to qualify for white labeling. Printing and packaging the different combo products hasn’t been a simple process — until Prairie State Group entered the picture. 

Designing Innovative Snack Packaging 

Graham Redding, PSG company president, helped guide Split Nutrition through the design process. The first step included trialing different flexible packaging materials and films. 

Graham also put the Split team in touch with equipment manufacturing experts to convert and fill the proprietary, dual-chamber packaging design Split is famous for. 

Here’s what Graham Redding had to say about the innovative snack packaging design, as well as the manufacturing process: 

“It’s a great package design and an even better product. We love doing value-added projects like this.” 

Split Nutrition co-founder Jeff Mahin was pleased with the process and optimistic about the new white labeling services on offer from the company. “We’ve essentially invented a package. Graham and PSG took the time to show us the printing and manufacturing process for packaging design. We had never seen it before.” 

Give Split Nutrition a Try 

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