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Press Release: PSG Achieves Another Perfect Score on 2021 SQF Audit

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Franklin Park, IL February 15, 2021

Prairie State Group, a printing company specializing in food-grade flexible packaging, and pressure-sensitive labels, has achieved 100% on their latest SQF audit. SQF Edition 8.1 Food Safety and Quality is recognized globally as the premier food safety standard from the Safe Quality Food Institute

The company has achieved the recognition for food safety eight times. Although this is not the first time the company has achieved 100% on an SQF audit, they hadn’t done so in two years. This was the third time Prairie State Group has gotten a perfect score in food safety and quality since 2012. 

Retailers, business owners, and foodservice providers recognize SQF as the global standard for food safety and quality codes. These codes are engineered to meet customer, regulatory, and industry requirements for every link in the food supply chain. 

What is an SQF Audit?

The process for achieving the certification includes prevention and risk assessment at every level of business operations. The process consists of auditing and assessing order entry, production, raw materials, handling, and transportation — although this list is not exhaustive. All activities are documented and certified by the auditor to achieve the applicable code for food safety and quality.

With the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, Prairie State Group implemented additional safeguards and protocols into their business practices. Since the company had already adopted an SQF culture, it was in a better position to respond to a need for updating food safety protocols. Prairie State Group took its housekeeping policies to a higher level, ensuring enhanced worker safety.

Due to the pandemic, the company’s routine audit was delayed, resulting in two audits within ten months. In May 2020, Prairie State Group achieved a 98% from the SQF. The 100% score was achieved at the company’s standard audit time.

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Quotes From the PSG Team

From executive VP of Operations at Prairie State Group, Dan Doherty:

“We could not be prouder of the work that has been done to keep such a high level of compliance intact and improving after eight years of SQF Certifications. 

Our team understands the need for a robust Food Safety and Quality system. SQF Certification is just one step that builds on top of other internal initiatives and programs to make our Quality System something to be proud of. 2020 was a challenge on many fronts, and SQF recertification twice in 10 months during a pandemic was a big win for us.”

Achieving a high score, not to mention 100%, took a significant investment in time and resources. Top-down, daily dedication from each team member was paramount. 

Also, the pandemic presented new challenges to overcome. Implementing advanced SQF protocols before the second audit took place made it easier for the team to cope with these unique obstacles.

From Vincent Maltese, QA Manager and SQF Practitioner:

“Achieving a 100% score on our SQF audit was not an easy undertaking. It was a team effort, and everyone in the facility played a big role in the success. But with the team members here, nothing seems to amaze me.”  

As an early adopter of the highly-regarded SQF certification, Prairie State Group embraced the challenge in achieving perfect food safety and quality assurance more than eight years ago and hasn’t stopped since. The company has been a resource for its clients and the food packaging industry. 

Safety and quality in the direct-food contact packaging market are critical and a need that continues to grow. Prairie State group is committed to meeting these unique challenges head-on. 

About Prairie State Group

Prairie State Group is a flexible packaging and label printing company located in Franklin Park, IL. The company works closely with clients to deliver high-quality, branded flexible packages and pressure-sensitive labels. 

About SQF

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program, a Food Industry Association division, is a global food quality assurance program certified by the SQF Auditing Body (Eagle Certifications) that identifies and prevents food safety risks. Foodservice providers, businesses, and retailers use the SQF to audit and certify their food safety management systems. 

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John B. Reinhardt, Marketing Director, Prairie State Group



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