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June 23, 2021 Comments(0)

Sani Stix and PSG: Hand Sanitizer Packaging In Stick Pack


Hand sanitizer has become a staple of handbags, glove compartments, and backpacks everywhere. But who wants to lug around a bulky bottle of the stuff?

Most hand sanitizer comes in a plastic bottle that can easily dispense messy gel onto the rest of your belongings. Prairie State Group and innovative company Impulse Merchandisers teamed up to create mess-free hand sanitizer packaging in a convenient stick pack.


When most people think about stick pack packaging, they picture things like sports powders, nutraceuticals, and snack foods. But stick packs are an excellent choice for packaging anything on the go, including hand sanitizers.

When a company comes to Prairie State Group looking for packaging solutions, we like to take an innovative approach. Impulse Merchandisers wanted to offer customers a convenient, mess-free way to freshen up and keep the germs at bay. With help from PSG’s team, Sani Stix was born. Impulse Merchandisers can now sell hand sanitizer packets, a one-of-a-kind product on the market that gets noticed and that customers love.

“Sani Stix are a very convenient size and have an abundant quantity of hand sanitizer in each packet. I carry a bunch of them in my travel backpack, golf bag, and in the center console of my car. Very nice to have when out and about. Terrific value.” – J. Lyon, Amazon Reviewer

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We recently interviewed Alex Student, the VP of Impulse Merchandisers, about the origins of Sani Stix and how they redefined hand sanitizer packaging design.

What gave you the idea to make this product?

“The idea for Sani Stix came from battling with the international supply chain regarding getting enough hand sanitizer bottles and caps during the pandemic. My father and I were at a local bagel store when the whole world was shutting down. We noticed a gravity-fed sugar packet dispenser in the store. I turned to him and said, “What if we could make a portion-controlled, individual-use sanitizer and have the entire supply chain based in the USA?” 

He replied, “I bet you can’t make it pencil from a P&L standpoint.” 

“Challenge accepted,” I said. 

I started researching vertical form-fill-seal, dry vs. weight packaging machines, and more. I learned about the output capacity, vendors, and unit economics. In three days, I had a list of people working to educate me on the process of portion control. A quick four months after that, we had our first stick pack line up and running with the help of Prairie State Group and a few others.”

What challenges did you have scaling?

“Our challenges in scaling didn’t come from the production or supply side, but the sales and distribution side. We had to work to get customers comfortable with a different format and understanding the need for additional expenses at their restaurant or other types of business.”

What advice would you give someone starting to internalize their filling process for the first time?

My advice for filling or packing is the same as it is for any new business venture. Make sure you’re confident about your product, and you have a passion for the type of business and industry you’re in.  There will be challenges that spread from internal motivation to customer-facing rejection. But the only way over these hurdles is with confidence and passion.


Stick packs have another advantage over hand sanitizer bottles. A warning from the FDA on colored hand sanitizer bottles, which found a possible a healthcare risk to children who may be drawn to the colors and pleasant smell.

Read the FDA article here.

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Impulse Merchandisers is a fast-growing distributor with a portfolio of brands in several trade classes. The products are available for purchase via Sugar Foods Corporation and DOT Foods. Their newest venture into the foodservice and healthcare industries ultimately led to the creation of Sani Stix hand sanitizer products.

Ditch the plastic bottle and give this convenient stick pack Sani Stix a try today!