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April 23, 2020 Comments(0)

Surviving Coronavirus: How a Small Snack Business is Staying Productive

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What’s considered normal today is anything but. Today’s new normal is strange, weird, and never seen before. As a small business, surviving a pandemic, where widespread stay-at-home orders have people cooped up in their houses, can be challenging. The current state of the world has many feeling anxious and bleak. During these times, it can be difficult to find the motivation to stay productive. But for small businesses, staying productive will help them survive, and even thrive, during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Let’s let a little light shine during this dark time. Take a look at what Alta Goods, a small snack shop, is doing. Even in isolation, we all have the power to inspire each other. And, perhaps their efforts can inspire you.

What is Alta Goods?

Alta Goods is a health and wellness startup, specializing in CBD snacks. Alta is a woman-owned company with a goal to address the need for healthy, tasty food infused with CBD. 

What’s Alta’s mission?

The CBD industry is new, growing, and left mostly unregulated. As such, there’s not a whole lot of oversight into how CBD companies make and market their products. But Alta Goods believes in bringing transparency and honesty to the CBD market. Every batch of the company’s CBD-infused snack bites is tested for accurate potency. Customers know exactly what they’re getting with an Alta Goods product. 

What unique products does Alta Goods offer customers?

Transparency and honesty aren’t the only qualities that Alta Goods believes in. Alta Goods also aims to provide CBD enthusiasts with healthy, high-quality, and tasty food. Alta Bites come in three distinct flavors — Sesame and Honey, Turmeric and Ginger, and Rosemary and Fig. The Bites are made with whole, organic ingredients. 

When did Alta Goods launch?

Alta Goods launched in mid-February of 2020 — right before the pandemic started wreaking havoc on people’s health, safety, and jobs. At first, the company had a successful roll-out and had gotten a lot of traction in the local market. The company began its launch by targeting independent, natural food retailers in the New England region. 

Alta Goods had a slower roll-out of its eCommerce platform and wasn’t focusing as much on internet sales at the start. Stick a pin in there because it’s going to be important to Alta’s success story. 

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How has the coronavirus pandemic affected this small business?

Fast forward to March, and things started to get a little dicey for Alta. Once the pandemic worsened, brick and mortar stores had to close or go to online ordering and curbside pickup. This put a considerable dent in Alta Goods’ ability to connect with independent, brick and mortar food retailers. Sales plummeted.

How did Alta Goods protect themselves at the start of the pandemic?

Building a business takes the heart and soul of a person. Watching a business suffer during a downturn like a coronavirus pandemic can cause anyone to panic, become fearful, and even throw in the towel. What Alta Goods did upon seeing their business affected was to do the opposite. 

Instead of panicking or giving up, they became determined to succeed. With the ability to be agile and respond quickly to market conditions, the company focused on growing its eCommerce platform in response to the pandemic. 


What strategies is Alta using to survive and thrive during coronavirus?

Alta Goods has deployed a range of strategies for making the best of the situation. Business owners, please feel free to copy some of these strategies to help the business that you believe in survive and thrive during this new normal. 

  • Focused on and invested in their online platform
  • Began an all-out push for a social media plan to help grow their brand awareness and customer base 
  • Partnered with like-minded, small brands to boost awareness, collaborate on posts, co-host giveaways, and cross-promote
  • Reached out to online retailers who would make good partners

What success has Alta Goods had with these strategies?

Since starting the eCommerce push, Alta has seen its sales steadily increase. They have a long way to go. But, the company is optimistic that on the other side of this pandemic, they’ll have a robust online presence and strong sales numbers. Once things subside, they plan on getting back to work with their brick and mortar partners. 

What impact has the virus had on your business? What are you doing to stay productive and protect your small business from the downturn? Please feel free to reach out to us with your ideas.

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“You Got This” Credit: Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash