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Press Release: PSG Partners with Waste Management Recycle America,  Recycling 157 Tons of Plastic 

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Franklin Park, IL June 16, 2021

The 2020 Sustainability Report from Waste Management is in. By partnering with Waste Management Recycle America, Prairie State Group (PSG) hit a new goal last year, recycling 157 tons of plastic. Recycling these materials prevented 168 metric tons of GHG emissions. It represented a reduction in excess timber harvesting and the conservation of enough fresh water to meet the daily drinking needs of millions. 

Conservation of Resources in Real Numbers

PSG is committed to sustainability and green initiatives. Their 2020 partnership with Waste Management also led to the conservation of 1164 cubic yards of landfill airspace. By recycling 157 metric tons of plastic, the company replaced the annual municipal waste disposal needs of 1494 people. Additionally, the partnership also yielded a reduction of 595,934 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is enough power to fulfill the annual electricity demands of 57 homes. 

From executive VP of Operations/Principal at Prairie State Group, Dan Doherty:

“Our goal at PSG is  to continually look at all viable alternative methods to repurpose , reuse or recycle our landfill waste. We have made great strides in that endeavor and we expected great results in 2021 and beyond. “

Doherty added, “This doesn’t even take into consideration other sustainable efforts, like our in-house solvent recycling units.”

PSG Bio-Based Films: Meeting Green Initiatives

Prairie State Group is an SQF-certified, eco-friendly business helping companies build sustainable practices throughout their entire packaging supply chain lifecycles. PSG offers a wide array of convenient, cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly flexible packaging and label solutions. 

Unlike rigid containers, such as glass jars and plastic bottles, flexible packaging is a far more effective solution for reducing a brand’s carbon footprint. Using light weight flexible packaging reduces the risk of more material ending up in the municipal solid waste stream than if a brand were to use rigid containers instead. 

Clients interested in exploring their flexible packaging options can reach a PSG representative at 847-801-3100.

About Waste Management Recycle America

Recycle America currently operates at over 100 recycling plants in the US and Canada. The initiative is dedicated to making recycling a more effective, affordable solution for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal partners. 

About PSG

Prairie State Group is a flexible packaging and label printing company located in Franklin Park, IL. The company works closely with clients to deliver high-quality, branded flexible packaging and pressure-sensitive labels. Follow us on Linkedin for more stories and press releases like this.