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What Is The Best Way To Print Waterproof Labels?

The key to well-performing waterproof labels and waterproof stickers is the adhesive. Our special water resistant formula allows the label or sticker to be applied directly to a wet and/or cold surface. No need to dry your bottle or jar first. If the label is applied dry, your product can still be submerged in water or ice. Just like a bottle sitting in a cooler.

Suitable For Industrial And Food Products.

Our  brand protection program covers both industrial and food safe labeling applications. All of our waterproof and oil resistant labels are printed with the highest level of food safety and quality (SQF) and accurate color targeting.

PSG can also offer a wide variety of flexible packaging solutions to compliment your label order. From stand up pouches to stick pack, we can offer a one-stop source for your printed labels and packaging.

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Tip: You can see more pressure sensitive label samples here.

Waterproof Label Samples

From industrial oil bottles and drum warning labels to waterproof bottle stickers and tub labels, PSG can print and die cut a solution for any surface. We can also offer weather proof vinyl labels for outdoor use.  Matte and gloss coating available, as well as custom sizes.  (*click to enlarge)

Be sure to check out our case study on our resealable labels.

Special Note: Check out our Pinterest page for a some custom label design ideas.

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How Are Custom Waterproof Labels Made?

If you’re curious about how your waterproof labels are made, we can offer some videos and literature on how the printing process works. We also have a quick FAQ section below.

From learning how to properly measure your custom label to seeing how a die cut label runs on our presses, we’ll give you the information needed to be a better buyer. (*click to enlarge  / play video.)

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See how PSG does digital printing.  Learn more about our digital/flexo hyrbid labels and stickers  here.

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Want to automate your labeling process? Let us know. We have machine partners that can help.

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Our Label Guide Is Coming Soon. (Aug. ’21)

Flexo label printing is our specialty.  High-quality PMS color matching along with scalable unit costs, makes flexo printing a great labeling solution. Learn more about the substrates we use and how brand owners can use special embellishments to stand out from the competition.

Need a smaller run to get you through? We can offer a digital label application for multi-SKU short runs.


Here are some common FAQ’s regarding printed waterproof labels and water resistant labels. We also have a general pressure sensitive label FAQ section here. You can always shoot us your request on the contact page, or hit us up on LiveChat.

If you need help with label design or are looking for some inspiration, check out the PSG Pinterest page.

What is a waterproof label?

A waterproof label is a label or sticker that can be applied to a wet surface while withstanding extend periods of high-moisture. The labels are also ideal for extreme cold, or hot, temperatures.

What makes a waterproof label so special?

It starts with the specially formulated adhesive. Label material plays a part as well. Our polypropylene and vinyl label material offer high durability. (even for outdoor use)

Do waterproof labels cost more?

When compared to a standard paper label…yes. But the small cost increase pales in comparison to the risk of damaged product labels or labels coming off entirely in the store. (or before they reach your consumer.) If you give your sales rep more info about your filling and storage characteristics, they can determine which solution is best for your product.

Can they be fully customized?

Yes. The labels can come in custom sizes and shapes. You can also get matte or gloss coating. They can come as sheet labels or on a roll. White BOPP and white vinyl available as well.

Pricing and lead time?

Pricing and lead time all depends on the size, colors, and material need for your label. Lead time is usually 5-10 business days after proof approval. If a die is needed for a custom shape it may add a couple of days.