May 3, 2018 Comments(2)

Welcome to the PSG Employee Blog


The PSG Employee Blog is up and running! We have it located privately on our website, so it will require you to login, to read and respond to it.

Each blog post will have a comments section at the bottom for you to interact with. Since every employee will have the same log in, responses will be 100% anonymous. (The only person who will have an assigned name will be me, on behalf of myself and leadership)

This was built on purpose, as a way for you to engage with the company without having to be singled out on a personal level…we really encourage (and look forward to) your feedback.

If you have some constructive criticism, questions, or positive comments, please respond to the posts as you see fit.

(See John in Marketing for help)

Also, we need more submissions for the “Name That Blog” contest. That $75 Amazon gift card needs a home!  Please forward submissions to

Thank you!

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    PSG Blog

    Looks good John. I've never used a blog before but it was kind of neat to check out. Good work.

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      John Reinhardt

      That's great...appreciate the nice comment!